DDS Interoperability Demo 1

As I mentioned in my previous post, last week’s Object Management Group (OMG) technical meeting included a four-vendor Data Distribution Service (DDS) interoperability demonstration. This was an impromptu dry run for the next demo, scheduled for the March 21-25 OMG meeting in Arlington, VA. Reserve your tickets now to see it live!

For those who weren’t there, I’ve posted a  short video excerpt along with a slide deck that describes the tested scenarios. (These were validated prior to the demo. Because of time constraints, not all were shown live.)

Note that the applications using each DDS implementation were communicating peer-to-peer over a WiFi network. There were no intermediate brokers, mediation applications, ESBs, servers, smoke or mirrors. The magic is all courtesy of the DDS Real-Time Publish-Subscribe (RTPS) wire interoperability protocol.

This was the fourth time RTI participated in a public interoperability demo. It was also the first time that four vendors participated. Prior demos included two or three vendors.

The latest two vendors to join implemented the DDS-RTPS protocol purely from the specification. They had not participated in its development. This is an excellent testament to the quality and precision of the standard.

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