Community: A Major RTI Initiative Reply


RTI launched a major community initiative this year.  Our goal?  To enable dynamic and powerful community collaboration.  Founded on the best ecosystem in the real-time middleware industry, the RTI Community will ease communication and sharing between our customers, employees, and partners.

Many resources are already live on!  The forum is energized, with many of our engineers in active conversations, offering solutions and advice to customer queries. And you won’t want to miss the new offerings:

  • New and expanded knowledge base
  • Best-practices guide
  • Glossary of domain terms
  • Examples library
  • File exchange
  • Searchable documents and media

Our new online eLearning video classes offer overviews and deep dives into DDS, RTI technology and applications.  Over 10 hours of video-based training are available.

In addition to our existing RTI newsletter, we’re publishing a new technically-focused RTI Community newsletter. If you’re a DDS user or developer, you’ll want to subscribe by joining the RTI Community.

All these resources support users of our free open community source as well as those taking advantage of our new simple, fair, and open commercial pricing.  This growing ecosystem, thriving under our new business model, makes the RTI Community a vibrant, informative source of the latest trends and techniques.

Community is driven by our new Community Manager, Lacey Rae Trebaol.  Lacey is transferring from our services engineering group.  With her background as a systems engineer and her unbridled enthusiasm for communications, she is the ideal leader for this effort.  She is backed by our technical best: services, the R&D team, our field engineers, our research group and our CTO Gerardo Pardo-Castellote.

So post your hardest questions, dig deep into the examples, or just browse through RTI Community to experience the amazing variety that is our slice of the Internet of Things.

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