Guest Post: Accelerating the IoT – Adding Security in Legacy Systems Reply

This post, penned by Geoff Revill, was originally published on linkedIn (here). We liked it so much that we wanted to share it with you all. Thank you, Geoff!

rti connext dds secure

For the most part, the Industrial Internet aspect of the IoT won’t happen until we can figure out a way to build security into legacy deployed systems. There is trillions of dollars of deployed systems that essentially rely on physical security measures, replacing these systems with shiny new cyber-ready systems will take decades. Accessing their wealth of data via the Internet is a major security challenge – few of these systems were designed to be secured against cyber attack. So the wealth of shareable sensor data and industrial insights remains locked in proprietry system deployments. In many cases that’s just the way the owners like it, and for many there is no real reason – yet – to open up their systems to the Internet. But the innovative large scale entities that find ways to open up their systems could unlock a mobile-like app phenomena – becoming the Apple or Google of the IoT age. It’ll take a bold move by an even bolder entity to do this, but with high risks come high rewards. And if they don’t, be assured Apple or Google or similar will gradually encroach on that Industrial home turf.

This is why I found this story so fundamentally exciting ( ) because it defines a way to secure the transport infrastructure of pretty much any SCADA style system. It even includes a rapid prototyping scripting interface to allow continuous evolution of cyber-defence techniques with instant deployment capability. It combines fundamental security techniques with a truly agile response mechanism – and fine grain control of what information can be let out of the cyber-walled garden and what has to stay securely locked in. Even better its based on technology the worlds largest defence agency has already tried tested and found to be securely acceptable – if it’s good enough to defend the lives our brave fighting men then surely its good enough to consider for the innovative first movers in the Industrial Internet of Things?

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