Jedi Mind Trick Reply

rti award 2015My CEO Stan Schneider closed our 2016 CKO (Corporate Kickoff) with a Jedi Mind Trick.

CEO: “You will leave kickoff truly inspired and have a great year.”

Audience (me included): “I will leave kickoff truly inspired and have a great year.”

CEO: “Drop your weapon on the way out.”

Maybe this Jedi mind trick is why I am posting this, but hey I got an award for exceeding quota in 2015 (thank you customers!) and this is in no small part due to the fact that RTI employees develop and bring to market the best in class product that helps our  customers, who happen to love us, solve challenging problems. What kinds of challenging problems? To name a few: enabling distributed systems, allowing disparate systems to work together, and ushering in the digital transformation. This is a big deal! This transformation is projected to be the next big economic value creating engine for the universe (previous record holder is the Internet), and so it’s pretty easy to be inspired about what we are going to accomplish this year.

Check out what some of our customers’ develop with RTI Connext DDS technology at: .

Happy Selling in 2016!

– Nando Ramamirtham

P.S.  RTI is hiring so you can be inspired like me.  Check out our careers page, and if you have the talent and are interested in working at RTI drop me a message on LinkedIn and I will submit your LinkedIn profile to our hiring team.

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