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With a fresh perspective, I thought I could write about this small company in Silicon Valley that you probably haven’t heard of: Real-Time Innovations, Inc. (RTI). RTI has been quietly working on a technology called DDS that could be one of the most important and fundamental tools for the industrial internet revolution. If you haven’t heard, the industrial internet, or Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), is going to change the world in ways we haven’t seen since the industrial revolution. My grandparents saw communications technology change from horse and cart, to the proliferation of the automobile and internet. This next revolution is going to be a much bigger deal.

next revolution

I worked with RTI for 3 years while running LocalGrid technologies. I can’t take the credit for selecting RTI as a vendor. However, I think our CTO did his homework and chose RTI and Connext DDS for the technical benefits and also because of the company’s dedication to the quality and reliability of their product. That level of product care, I’m sure, comes in part from their long history working with the hardest problems like the US DoD. You can read a bit more about this here.

So why did I join RTI? The initial motivation was the relationship I had with the company, and the product. With RTI’s Connext™ DDS toolkit, and Connext DDS Secure, it was clear that DDS would be a fundamental and critically important technology for LocalGrid’s efforts in the Smart Grid market. Having worked on many system integration projects where we struggled to create scalable, simple to use, and robust communications solutions, I knew how important this middleware would be. But it was the influence and leadership of this small company that really attracted me, first to working with them as a partner, and then as an employer.

So when I found myself looking for my next career opportunity, I knew I wanted a company growing in an exciting technology space. The product and the company seemed like a great fit. However, when I started interviewing, what really struck me was how much everyone seemed to be working together. The stories about the company strengths, benefits, and motivation were consistent across all groups in the company, and included everyone. Everyone was ‘pulling together’. Instead of telling me how great their team was, each group in the company talked about how good sales, or engineering, or marketing was doing. The company is small, about 100 people, but clearly punching above their weight in multiple industries. It has a culture of service: “we won’t let our customers fail” is a phrase I heard many times in the interview process. This can only be evidence of the teamwork and a sense of ownership.

2016 RTI Company Photo CKO

My first week on the job happened to coincide with the Company Kick-off week. During this week, every RTI employee from all over the world meets in person at our HQ in Sunnyvale, CA – definitely a good time to join; I got to meet a lot of people at the company in person. This is important in a company where 50% of the staff work remotely. The most important thing I took away from that first week was a great look at the company culture, which I would describe principally as an immense amount of trust between everyone. That translates into a lot of questions and a lot of feedback. Of course there are growing pains as with any small company. And they don’t have unlimited resources or funds. But, clearly with this teamwork, and especially in a new a undefined market, RTI is successfully ‘failing towards success’. That’s great, because they aren’t afraid to try, to put the company and product out in front, and learn about their customers and markets as they go. With teamwork, this works.

As an engineering company with a complex product, I can confirm that they have a very ‘geek’ friendly culture. But more than that, it is a culture where people communicate and express themselves freely. I’ve run my own meetings and attended many others where, when the question is inevitably asked, “are there any questions” and then there is only silence. At RTI, there is never silence. There is always a question or a comment and it comes from all departments in the company: Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Operations, no matter what the topic is. Everyone seems to understand the importance of what RTI is doing and everyone cares. Add the clear respect and trust that exists in the company, and this translates into lots of questions, feedback and collaboration. This is how such a small group can be the most influential company in their space, beating out companies like Google and GE.

Unlike many Silicon Valley companies, people stay here for a long time. I’ve met engineers that have been here for 15+ years as the company’s technology has changed, evolved, and matured. They move from engineering to sales or marketing and to management along the way. The people make a huge impact on the sense of ownership and the culture. I am very happy to be part of this amazing little company, and I suggest that everyone keeps their eye on RTI. The impact on our society, businesses and the economy will be huge, even if you will never know it.

Looking for the next Jedi Knights Reply


Graduating in 2016 must be exciting. This is especially if you graduate with a computer science degree. You are at the cusp of the next best thing – the internet of things (IoT).

You surely read all about the IoT hype. IoT promises to impact the world economy in the billions, even several trillions. Wow! IoT spans everything we know. You surely heard about Fitbit biometric devices, the Apple watch, Google Glass, DropCam home surveillance cameras, Nest connected thermostats and even Roost connected smoke detector batteries.

But yet, the bigger impact on our lives however will come from the industrial internet of things. Connected patient monitoring promises to bump medical errors out of the top 10 causes of death. Smart grids will make alternative energy systems actually have an impact on today’s energy grid. Autonomous vehicles and taxis have the potential to uproot entire industries, and even how cities of the future are built. Again Wow!

How will you decide where to start your career? After all, you are ready and eager to land a great job. You worked hard to earn your engineering degree. You spent countless hours in front of your laptop screen working on programming assignments. You volunteered in the university lab. Your Github profile goes beyond listing class projects. It shows how you made valuable contributions to several open source projects. You worked tirelessly during your summer time off on a variety of internship projects. All this leads to a great resume,which shows off your skills, knowledge and practical experience.

There are few different types of IoT careers to consider:

  • The Connector – The internet of things would be nowhere without the wireless devices, the IoT gateways, and lightweight networking protocols which connect ordinary devices to the cloud. You own your own Arduino or Beagle board and love tinkering around with hardware, operating systems, and network APIs to make smart sensors talk to plants or to control lights.
  • R2-D2 – You eat data for breakfast – A lot of the value from (I)IoT comes from analyzing the vast amounts of data from the connected devices. You love analytics, big data, and Hadoop.
  • White Hatter– Security is key to the industrial internet of things. How do you keep your data secure? How do you make sure that no hacker takes over your electric grid?
  • Jedi – You look at industrial systems in its entirety and harness the power of the IoT Force. The Force surrounds us. It binds the galaxy together. Without the critical real-time infrastructure you put in place, there are no smart cities. Surgical robots would not exist. Autonomous vehicles would crawl at a snails pace, as subsystems can not communicate with each other in real-time. You like working on the core to make intelligent systems work in real-time. (However, please leave your lightsaber at the door.)

At Real-Time Innovations, we live and breathe what makes the industrial internet of things work. RTI provides the real-time, secure, connectivity platform for the industrial internet of things. RTI’s data-bus allows devices to discover each other automatically and interoperate in real-time. Our software provides reliable communication, with real-time performance, at scale. This is the foundation to build industrial internet of things. Check out more at http://www.rti.com.

We are looking for several new grad Jedi Padawans and Knights, both in our Sunnyvale, CA Headquarter office, as well as in Granada Spain.

At RTI, you will be able to make a real difference. As a company, we are large enough to impact the world, yet small enough that you can impact us. If you like programming, and aspire to have your work be at the heart of important smart machines, come check us out. We program in a variety of programming languages. (You don’t need to know them all. We believe a good programmer will pick up other languages quickly). We run on many many different (real-time) operating systems and platforms. We support several communication transports. We are a fun group, which values creativity, risk-taking, innovation, and open communication.

Interested? Send us your Jedi resume at http://www.rti.com/company/careers.html. Check out what to expect from the interview process.

PS – If you are not graduating in 2016, but in spring of 2017, ping us as well. We are always looking to connect with engineers who have a strong interest in RTI and the industrial internet of things.

Jedi Mind Trick Reply

rti award 2015My CEO Stan Schneider closed our 2016 CKO (Corporate Kickoff) with a Jedi Mind Trick.

CEO: “You will leave kickoff truly inspired and have a great year.”

Audience (me included): “I will leave kickoff truly inspired and have a great year.”

CEO: “Drop your weapon on the way out.”

Maybe this Jedi mind trick is why I am posting this, but hey I got an award for exceeding quota in 2015 (thank you customers!) and this is in no small part due to the fact that RTI employees develop and bring to market the best in class product that helps our  customers, who happen to love us, solve challenging problems. What kinds of challenging problems? To name a few: enabling distributed systems, allowing disparate systems to work together, and ushering in the digital transformation. This is a big deal! This transformation is projected to be the next big economic value creating engine for the universe (previous record holder is the Internet), and so it’s pretty easy to be inspired about what we are going to accomplish this year.

Check out what some of our customers’ develop with RTI Connext DDS technology at: https://www.rti.com/industries/overview.html .

Happy Selling in 2016!

– Nando Ramamirtham

P.S.  RTI is hiring so you can be inspired like me.  Check out our careers page, and if you have the talent and are interested in working at RTI drop me a message on LinkedIn and I will submit your LinkedIn profile to our hiring team.

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