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Stan Schneider Named Top IIoT Influencer

We’re excited to announce that RTI CEO Stan Schneider was named #8 in IoT ONE’s list of 100 top influencers in IIoT. He is in good company with leaders from GE, Tesla, Bosch and more.

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Summer 2017's Top IIoT Books, Videos, Podcasts and More!

It’s summer time – time to travel, hang out with friends and unwind. If you’re looking for summer reading/listening ideas and interested in the IIoT, we’ve compiled the ultimate list for you. RTI has a great mix of content that covers the hottest topics in the industry, such as the fundamentals of the IIoT, the challenges of securing systems, how to address communication requirements and more. Check out the top IIoT content your peers are loving so far in 2017!

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Who Is Chopping My Application Data and Why Should I Care?

As you probably know, DDS data is sent on the wire as RTPS messages. As such, these messages include a header and the data payload. The header contains useful information such as host ID, remote ID and sequence numbers; we’ll refer to the payload as ‘data sample’. For instance, in this Wireshark capture you can see the header and two submessages: INFO_TS, which contains the timestamp info, and DATA_FRAG, which is actually a data sample fragment.

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From 4 to 30: Growing the RTI Spain Team

Six years ago I crossed the doors of RTI’s headquarters in California for the first time. Another three people and I were chosen to be part of an important expansion of the company in Europe- a new development center in Spain. But before that, we stayed six months in HQ to learn not only about RTI DDS products, but also about processes and, most importantly, RTI’s culture.

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