Tim – the network tool man – Taylor Reply

When I moved to the US a decade ago, Home Improvement was a popular television sitcom, starring Tim Allen as Tim the tool man Taylor, a host of a made up home improvement show.

Among the support team, when we learn about a new debugging tool, we frequently joke about ‘our network debugging tool belt’. Over the years, this tool belt has grown to a nice variety of debugging tools, especially when you include platform specific debugging tools. We currently support a great variety of platforms: from the enterprise platforms (Linux, Solaris, Windows) to various embedded platforms, (including VxWorks, LynxOS and Integrity).

Below is a list of the tools we frequently use on support. I am leaving out platform specific tools, tools to monitor how a particular network stack is processing network traffic (e.g netstat) and general operating system debugging tools (vmstat, cpustat, lsof, gdb, strace etc.).


Reconsidering Your Priorities Reply

A lot of people who have never used RTI’s infrastructure ask, “How do I prioritize my messages so that more important messages arrive before less important ones?” Yet almost no one worries about that once they’ve actually used our software. The reason is that, in RTI’s broker-free peer-to-peer infrastructure, there are no intermediate message queues to prioritize in the first place. More…